“The Swan Center for Intuitive Living is a safe haven where happy people,
who are passionate about loving themselves and others, come together as a spiritual family.”

The Swan Center for Intuitive Living introduces individuals to the limitless possibilities available to them, and provides them with a bridge from where they are in life, to where they want to be.

This is accomplished by providing knowledge and experiences that lead to higher levels of awareness, a life of balance and a fulfillment of one’s true purpose. All areas of study are based upon a core belief that we are here to love and serve all of God’s creations at the highest level, by developing our natural talents to the fullest degree, while using them to serve others.

Rose"We are designed to be happy. We are meant to spend our days engaging in activities that we love to do, and to use these endeavors to serve others. Every struggle we encounter in life comes from a failure to live this natural design, on a consistent basis.

I realized at a very early age that people weren’t always happy. I had an innate sense that happiness was our birthright. I couldn’t imagine anyone willingly surrendering their happiness, so I wondered what drove some of those around me into a space of unhappiness, illness, despair, financial need or a lack of kindness to others. I was determined to find the answer and once it was revealed to me, I then became even more determined to share this awareness with others, to show them the way back to their true selves, and to accompany them on their journey."

The first step, in achieving a life of happiness, is to realize that you are a spiritual being, who has been given a mind that can be programmed to support you in achieving your dreams. The next step is to become aware of how this process works – a process I call Inventing Your Life ®

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